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Water Rescue Craft
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Oceanid Rapid Deployment Craft (RDC)

The Oceanid Rapid Deployment Craft is the most versatile, safest, durable, easiest-to-use inflatable rescue boat ever made. It is specifically designed with water rescue in mind and can be used for:

  • Water rescue in coastal, lake, river and stream environments
  • Whitewater rescue
  • Swift water rescue
  • Ice rescue
  • Mixed waters and transitions
  • Low head dam rescue
  • Rescue dive platform

The RDC can also be used as:

  • A patient litter and for body retrieval
  • A K9 platform for on water operations
  • A tow behind craft for a personal water craft (PWC)
  • A snowmobile tow sled or snowmobile cargo sled for snow storm rescue
  • A platform for ice rescue and drowning ice rescue

The Oceanid RDC inflatable Rapid Deployment Craft stores deflated in a 2 foot cube, will inflate in seconds, weights 50 pounds and can be easily carried by one person. The most common way to transport the Rapid Deployment Craft is deflated while stored in a rescue boat or vehicle. It is available when and where you need it and can be launched without access to a boat ramp.

Learn more about the features, benefits and specifications of the Oceanid Rapid Deployment Craft inflatable rescue boat.

About Oceanid

Oceanid rescue boats are the most versatile, safest, most durable and easiest to use rescue boats ever made. Oceanid works every day to revolutionize the field of water rescue. A few years ago, we began customizing our unique water vehicles and rescue boats to the specific needs of the customer. This has opened previously inaccessible environments not only to the rescuer, but also to many who find themselves working in a hostile water rescue environment on a regular basis.

Our guiding principles are:


Oceanid is starting another revolution. We have transferred the knowledge gained through literally millions of harsh river miles to our current products. Our rescue boats are carefully designed and built to serve those who must work around, or in, a liquid environment under the most demanding conditions.

We work closely with our customers to assure they have the finest and most reliable water rescue equipment in the world. Learn more about Oceanid.